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Sync your score with a YouTube video in six easy steps
Sync your score with a YouTube video in six easy steps
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Are you a teacher wishing to add sheet music to your video lesson? Did you put your band’s performance on YouTube and want to give your fans a more profound experience? Or have you transcribed a solo and would like to hear the original recording during the playback of the score?

Sync your score with a YouTube video!

Discover this really cool feature of with this quick tutorial

Step 1. Select one of your scores using the score manager at

Step 2. Click the ⋮ icon on the top right and select “Manage audio sources”. Paste the link to the YouTube video you want to sync your score with. If nothing happens for a long time, just refresh the webpage (press F5)

Step 3. MuseScore will attempt to synchronise the YouTube video with the score automatically by creating so-called “markers”. Each marker defines the beginning of the corresponding measure. The process can fail though, either by creating irrelevant marker points or by not outputting them at all. In case the issue lies with marker points, it's better to remove all the markers and manually input them: press “play” (or spacebar) to start the playback and put markers consequently by pressing the “M” button on your keyboard.

  • You can change the measure number each marker refers to by double-clicking on the marker. If your score has repeats, voltas and jumps this feature appears to be extremely useful and even indispensable.

  • Add, insert or clear markers using the menu under the ⋮ icon. You can let MuseScore generate them as well by choosing the “Load score markers” command. It is also possible to loop some measures and change the playback speed

Step 4. Once you are finished with the synchronization process, please scroll down the page. The title of the video could be edited here, also a couple of options may be checked or unchecked and some annotation added (optional). Finally, press the “Save” button.

Step 5. Now just choose your video from the “Audio sources” under the “wheel” icon menu on the page of the score, and the sync process is complete! Congratulations!

Step 6. If you want to edit/put new markers or add some other video to synchronize the score with, you can always do that with the “Manage audio sources” command (see step 2)

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