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Your dashboard keeps you up to date with all the activity from people you follow, discussions you're participating in, and groups you're a member of. When you log in to MuseScore.com, you're taken to the dashboard.

The main section of the dashboard, on the left, will display notifications about the following types of activity:

  • new scores posted by people you follow;

  • people who are now following you;

  • people who are now followed by people you follow;

  • replies to your comments, on discussions or score pages;

  • comments posted on your scores.


On the right, under "Groups," there are links to all the groups you are currently a member of.


If you have a PRO account, you will see this section low down on the left. For more details, see Statistics.

Email notifications

If you have turned on email notifications in your settings, then on days that you don't check your dashboard you'll receive the contents summarized in an email.

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