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Score rating system
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All authorized users can rate MuseScore scores. The rating option can be found on the right sidebar of the score page.

When a score is rated 3 or more times, its rating becomes available for all users and is displayed on the score page, browse page, My Scores page, and in the search result.

What's the purpose of the score rating system?

Highly rated scores are placed at the top of the search page. This helps other users to find them much faster.

The system also provides helpful feedback and more views to score creators. A web notification will be sent daily to provide information on the number of rated scores.

Score rating rules

When rating a score, users are asked to leave an optional comment to explain their rate. Please note that insults, trolling, or any other toxic behaviour in the comments are strictly prohibited.

We'd like to remind you that users do not have the technical ability to leave ratings for their own scores, i.e.
it's impossible to use any additional accounts and beg other users to rank your score. It is also forbidden to rate scores to express your negative attitude.

Users found guilty of the above-mentioned actions will be banned, and their ratings will be deleted.

How is the average score rating calculated?

Score ratings are calculated on the basis of the arithmetical mean formula:
R = (V ÷ (V+M)) × r + (M ÷ (V+M)) × C

  • R is an average score rating;

  • V is the number of votes the score has;

  • M is the minimum number of votes required for the score rating to become visible. On MuseScore, this value is 3. If the score has less than 3, then the average rating will not be calculated and displayed;

  • r is the arithmetic mean of the votes of this scoring;

  • C is the arithmetic mean of all scores on MuseScore.

Our rating calculation formula compares the rating of the score with the rating of all scores, which reduces the impact of individual users who negatively rate your scores.

If you're a victim of a user abusing the rating system, please contact us. You need to indicate in the subject line that this is a complaint about score rating abuse. Our employees process these messages daily.

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