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All MuseScore users have a 20 scores per day download limit.

Users with a basic account can download only scores based on compositions in the public domain and Original compositions written by MuseScore users (they are marked as Original on the website). Users with a PRO membership can download all scores from the MuseScore Library except official scores.

The new category of scores called official HQ scores is not allowed to be downloaded or printed according to the copyright owners' requirements. However, these scores can be viewed, played, and used in Practise mode.

The following formats of downloadable scores are available:

  • MuseScore (the full MSCZ file, exactly as it was originally uploaded)

  • PDF (easy to print; a format which can be shared with anybody, whether they have MuseScore or not)

  • PDF including parts (for multi-instrument scores, all parts are automatically extracted and included with the PDF—note that the parts may be unreadable if the creator did not format them)

  • MusicXML (the universal sheet music format; open with any other scorewriter)

  • MIDI (a format designed for digital sequencers and synthesizers)

  • MP3 (audio only)

To download in any of these formats, click the big 'Download' button on the right of the score and choose your format from the popup window.

In mobile app

In the mobile app, the ⋮ icon in the top right corner of the score page exposes the Score info, Favorite, Author's profile, Save to Songbook, Export to PDF, and Share buttons.

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