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On the right side of a score, just above the Download and Share buttons (and Favorite if you are viewing someone else's score), you will see the number of times the score has been viewed, the number of people who have favorited it, and the number of comments on the score.

Clicking on the view number does nothing if you have a free account. Clicking on the favorites number takes you to the list of people who favorited the score, Clicking on the comment number takes you down to the comments.

Advanced statistics about your own scores are a PRO-only feature (see Upgrade to PRO account).

With a PRO account, clicking on the views of your own scores takes you to the score's statistics. Three colors of the 30-day line graph demonstrate the number of views, plays, and downloads on a daily basis.

The PRO account also enables a graph showing the total number of views + plays + downloads for all your scores for the past 30 days. This graph is located on the right of your dashboard (or at the bottom on mobile devices). Clicking on that graph takes you to, which reflects the following data:

  • Graph showing the total number of views, plays, and downloads for all scores over the last 30 days.

  • Raw data on the number of views, plays, and downloads for each score over the last two days.

  • All-time total number of views for each score, number of plays for each score, and number of downloads for each score.

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