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How to Upgrade/Downgrade Your Website Subscription
How to Upgrade/Downgrade Your Website Subscription
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Upgrading Your Subscription

To upgrade your subscription, go to the Profile menu by clicking on your Profile picture or username and click on the 'Upgrade Subscription' section.

  • If you subscribed to your current plan via PayPal, upgrading will create a new subscription. Upon successful payment, the old subscription is canceled. Access to the new subscription is granted for the duration of the billing cycle starting from the upgrade date

  • If you subscribed with a card, upgrading to the new subscription happens instantly. The cost of the new subscription is recalculated proportionally by the Stripe payment platform and charged to you. If the billing periods are the same, payment dates remain unchanged. If the subscription dates are different, the access end date will change. If the payment fails, the subscription and associated rights are not updated.

Downgrading Your Subscription

To downgrade your website subscription, go to the account settings on the website, go to your Profile Settings, click on the 'Subscription' section, and click the 'End my Benefits' button. You will then receive a downgrade offer.

  • If you are currently subscribed through PayPal, downgrading your current subscription will create a new one. If paid successfully, the old subscription is canceled, and a prorated refund is issued for the unused days of your current subscription. The new subscription will last until the end of the billing cycle, and features of the previous subscription are removed.

    For example, if you had a PRO+ subscription valid until 2025-01-01 and downgraded to PRO on 2024-02-02, your new PRO subscription will be active until 2024-02-02 but you will lose access to the Official Scores, which is a feature of the PRO+ subscription.

  • If you subscribed via a card, downgrading your current subscription results in an immediate transition to the new subscription. The cost is recalculated proportionally by Stripe and credited back to your Stripe balance. Future charges will be deducted from this balance until it is depleted. Access to the previous subscription's features will be removed.

If you have canceled the auto-renewal of your subscription, you can subscribe to another one after your current subscription has expired. You can see the expiration date in the Profile menu ---> Settings---> Subscription.

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