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I can't find my subscription / Can't log in
I can't find my subscription / Can't log in
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Remember, one subscription is valid on the web, in the Mobile App, and on tablets.

If you paid via your credit/debit card or PayPal on the website and can't use your paid subscription, please check your username in the purchase confirmation email sent to the email address you registered with on our website. Ensure you are logging into your paid account to access your subscription.

For Google or Apple purchases, ensure you've logged into the MuseScore mobile app after the purchase. Log in to the MuseScore app on your mobile device with your Google or Apple account, and your purchased subscription will be automatically linked to your MuseScore account.

If you're using the MuseScore mobile app and can't access your paid subscription, simply enter your name and click the 'Login' link on the 'Let's get started' screen.

If you encounter a window suggesting starting a subscription, press 'X' in the upper left corner and log in using the same username and password (Profile tab in the app).

If you've reinstalled or updated your app you may be logged out, so you should go through all the registration steps. Therefore, you should click the “Continue” and “Got it, thanks” buttons during the registration process. When you see the screen displaying subscription prices, click on the 'X' in the upper left corner. After that, log in to your paid account.

If it doesn't help contact us at [email protected]

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