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PRO+ subscription. Access to Official scores
PRO+ subscription. Access to Official scores
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The website and MuseScore mobile app are used to view, play, share, and practice sheet music. Purchasing a PRO or PRO Plus account unlocks additional PRO features.

The list of PRO features can be found here.

PRO+ is linked to the Official Scores.

We are excited to be able to offer these high-quality scores as we are continuously improving the quality of the MuseScore catalog.

These scores are licensed directly from many of the world’s largest print music publishers and are the same, official, arrangements that appear in printed form.

While we are not able to offer to print or download these scores at this time, we hope that you will enjoy being able to learn and play as many of these as you want.

Currently, there are over 46,000 Official Scores available, and we will continue to add more every month. Our goal is to provide the MuseScore community with easy access to the largest high-quality catalog of scores, and this is just the first step of many we are planning.

You can find Official scores in the mobile app using filter scores and selecting 'Only show Official scores'.

You can filter Official scores on the website with the 'Score type' filter at the left of the screen.

To have access to the Official scores you need a PRO+ or ONE subscription which includes both PRO+ and LEARN subscriptions

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